Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Wide open spaces!

After arriving home (Wyoming) I have realized how much we take for granted in this wonderful state! Although I have not been able to really enjoy anything but the guest bed in my parents' house, it is comfy! My immune system took a hit from the environment of London, could be the millions of people on the underground, the congestion of the city, or just bad luck on my part. I have a severe upper respiratory infection and I have to say I'm so thankful that I'm home to be this miserable. If we were still in London I would be struggling to breathe in the second hand smoke and congestion, while walking to our next destination.
I had a blast doing the things that we did and meeting the wonderful people that we met. This truly is a chance of a lifetime, and everyone who has the chance to go should jump on it! It is so worth it in the end!! Looking back on the two weeks abroad all I have to say is, my butt was on Buckingham Palace!! I was leaning against the wall!! I stepped into the stoop when it started raining!! Among every other thing we did of course, it was amazing! 
I have made some forever friends (Jessica, Michaela and Nick) because let's face it, once you stay with someone for that long in one setting, your practically family!! I will now have someone I can bug when I decide to go back (Constable Watson) haha, and of course you have a place to stay if you ever want to come stay in the real mountains in Wyoming! Elk hunting? What do you say Constable Watson? I hear retirement can be awfully boring... Just saying :)
We all have to expand our horizons and experience things we haven't experienced before. We do have things in this country that we would consider luxuries, (soda, ice, wide open spaces, regular water pressure, free public restrooms, and toilets that flush, just to name a few) but other countries have things that we could never have, history! I will always be blown away by the tradition of this country that dates back to before our country was even born! They have buildings and castles that have been standing since before time! You can not even grasp the concept until you are standing next to that building or touring that castle, or standing next to that reporter taking pictures listening to him tell you why the soldiers are doing what they are doing! Not to mention the monarchy! That alone is so different for us to experience. Everything about the police force that is responsible for the birth of our police force is still so different! I don't want to give them props, but they have things pretty figured out, but after all these years, you would hope so. :) I have a tremendous amount of respect for all of those on the force in England, especially those on Watson's team! They really have a hard job trying to plan those events that America would never have to worry about because we do not have a monarchy, or 13 million people in one city.  
We have to be aware of what is going on and how things run in other countries, hey maybe our leaders should take some notes. America is all we know and all we like to come back to, but they feel the same way about us. I think I have heard more bad thing said about us than good, but it's all we know. We could improve, we could be a better country, but they aren't perfect either and outlawing guns wouldn't solve our problems, it goes much deeper than that. I would not trade my wide open spaces though, I love the fresh air and the fresh river running through my home town, even though it might flood it this year! It beats the green water flowing through London :)

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