Friday, May 16, 2014

Dojo training

Yet again Constable Watson has out done himself! I had so much fun learning the hand to hand combat of the metropolitan police. Since they can only use batons and cs spray they have to rely on their common sense and their ability to calm down the situation. They are very well trained, and every officer has to be trained every six months through out their career. Everything that the police officer does in regard to the use of force has to be justified, every strike from a baton. The building that the dojo training took place in was the central location for all of the meals that are prepared and served to all of the constables that come to London from surrounding areas to help with the special events. They can push 500 officers through the cafeteria in an hour! This is a picture of the front wall, it is a replica of the titanic because the building has been around for that long. Forgive me but I can't remember what Constable Watson told us about that building, it had something to do with the planning of the titanic, or something completely different, but they built the building as a replicate of the titanic because of an important reason I can't remember haha!

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