Saturday, May 24, 2014

Oxford, Stratford and Warwick Castle

For our last organized day in England we went to visit Oxford University. There are 38 colleges within this university. The biggest college within this university is the Christ Church College with a total of 435 students. The process of applying to this second ranked university is you have to pick one if the 38 colleges to apply to and then go through a vigorous interview and if you are hot accepted they might refer you to another college, but if not your out of luck. The Christ Church college has significant ties to the filming if Harry Potter. The stair case below is part if the film and the dinning room is the basis for the dinning hall in the movie. This was very interesting to learn about the process of how these colleges work. 
Stratford Upon Avon was interesting to see the house that Shakespeare grew up in. We are at the best pastry shop, I had the best raspberry cheesecake I've ever had!
The Warwick castle was by far the best part if yesterday! My kids would have loved it! This is the oldest castle in England, it was built in 943. They had all of the rooms in the castle made up with wax people that looked so real! I wish we would have had more time, but all in all it was a really good day!

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