Saturday, May 24, 2014

Global effects of local behavior

So I am sick along with three of my fellow travelers. The one thing that I have noticed the most about this country is the smoking, everyone smokes everywhere here! And the congestion of the cars, they tax you for driving in this city. It's called a congestion tax to try and make you take public transportation. There are an average if 6 million people that use the tube system here and there is black soot in our lungs and nose because if the tubes. The germs alone on these trains are outrageous, I'm not surprised that we all got sick! We will be bringing this sickness back to America with us! I will not miss walking out if a store and getting second hand smoke blown in my face! I have only seen a handful of people using the vapor cigarette. This city is very comparable to the cities in the US, but most if our cities are outlawing smoking in public.
I will not miss having to use public transportation, I'm so sick of the smell of the underground. I have to say that I do have the handle on it though! The public restrooms here are nothing like America either, you have to pay to use a nasty bathroom, and the people working them are so grouchy! I have had a good time but I have to say we are spoiled in our wonderful country!

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