Monday, May 19, 2014

Trooping of the colors

Every second Saturday in June the military does a birthday parade for the Queen. We had the awesome opportunity to witness the practice of this major event, thanks to the amazing Constable Watson ;) and today was the first time since we have been here that I have actually seen him working (haha)! He has been working so hard planning all of these special events. Police in America don't have to deal with the issues these guys do with the monarch and all if the people gathering for these events. They have to manage the crowds of millions of people with thousands of officers. This was very awesome to watch the troops showing the colors today. I had the pleasure if the photographer standing next to me and telling me all about this very old tradition of trooping the colors. Everything comes down to the traditions if this very old city and government. There are five regimens that come to honor Her Magesty the Queen's birthday, and the colors are presented. The troops used to parade everyday and show the colors so they knew what they looked like in battle just in case something went wrong, they needed to gather around the flag in battle. One guy passed out because it was so hot outside and their uniforms are so hot, poor guy! They also have metal on the bottom if their shoes so they make notice when they are marching. So many things to learn about this ancient tradition!
(Proof he works on the street! Haha)
Big shout out! You are the man! 

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