Monday, May 19, 2014

Roman Bath

The Roman Bath was found by the Romans over 10,000 yes ago. This Golden City set in a valley set in the hills was a destination for all kinds of people. There is 43 minerals in the water and it stays at a steady 46C. 
Romans were building a road when they found the hot water, and they made it a temple to worship the goddess Sulis Minerva.
Water is green from the contact with the sun.
The pavement surrounding the bath is 2,000 yrs old
After the Romans abandoned England the bath was considered the Florida of England became a vacation spot.
After the 1600's people stopped bathing in it, they started drinking it
People came to the bath for their health, they would drink the water so that it could cure them, it was a place to meet people, ladies came to meet men and to shop.
Many people come to gamble, and get pregnant because the water was thought to raise fertility. This was a city people would come to reinvent themselves, kind of like a modern day Vegas. Now the cities population of 150,000 with a estimated student population of 80,000.

Sacred spring people used to throw coins in it to buy blessings from the god and to curse people 
Drinking the water, it was warm and tasted a bit weird! Cheers!

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