Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day of No Access

Today was our last day with Constable Watson (boohoo) and it was probably the best day so far, well the morning anyway ;) Watson and his colleague Phil (can't remember his last name) took us to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. If that wasn't enough he got us inside the gates and the ceremony was literally right in front of our eyes! Yes the guards almost ran Phil over!! It was so amazing! We couldn't take pictures while inside the gate because the Queen does not allow it, but I really wanted to take a picture of all those people outside the gate! Their faces when we walked through the gate was priceless! I felt so important I thought I was going to faint! Constable Watson you have out done yourself! Oh and not to mention he got us in to see 10 Downing Street too (where the Prime Minister lives)! So I have to say the only thing that would have made today better was meeting the queen, but even he doesn't have that much pull, haha! Though her entourage, personal car and police escort, were pulling up as we were being escorted out of the gate, so we could have potentially seen her if Watson wasn't rushing us along haha. But we had to go to 10 Downing Street before lunch so Constable Watson, I'm not complaining! :) I have never met anyone who works harder than Constable Watson (yes I need brownie points, but it is also true)! This trip would not have been nearly as amazing if it was not for him throwing around his weight and pulling strings to get us to see things that normal people do not get to do! Constable Watson, I might just take your place when you retire, you truley do have the best job in the world! Thank you sooo much for everything you have done for us! Cheers Mate!!
Phil is the head of the mounted police, and graced us with his presence today, thank you for your knowledge and company today! It was a pleasure to meet you, sorry I can't remember your last name (seems to be a pattern)!

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